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US-D608803-S: Vacuum packaging device patent, US-D609261-S: Digital camera patent, US-D610080-S: Solar-cell patent, US-D612142-S: Portion of a sandal patent, US-D612724-S: Lid with pull tab patent, US-D612803-S: Power supply patent, US-D612839-S: Remote controller for visual presenter patent, US-D615328-S: Under-shelf drawer patent, US-D616665-S: Child's bed patent, US-D616896-S: User interface for a portion of a display screen patent, US-D618717-S: Camera patent, US-D619213-S: Showerhead patent, US-D619442-S: Hammer grip patent, US-D619517-S: Steering wheel for a boat patent, US-D620303-S: Percolator patent, US-D620621-S: Wood bark square patent, US-D620992-S: Doll head patent, US-D621018-S: Air conditioner patent, US-D622114-S: Window screen removal tool patent, US-D622233-S: Television patent, US-D622549-S: Mug patent, US-D622772-S: Pencil sharpener patent, US-D623091-S: Flat roof day cab of a truck vehicle patent, US-D623751-S: Vertical inline plate patent, US-579217-A: booth patent, US-D625466-S: Lighter for smokers patent, US-D626714-S: Handle unit patent, US-D626859-S: Collapsible liquid storage device with integral resealable drinking means patent, US-D627942-S: Scraper patent, US-D628304-S: Massager patent, US-D628402-S: Sofa patent, US-D628559-S: Loudspeaker patent, US-D628872-S: Portable appendage patent, US-D630034-S: Plunger caddy patent, US-D630691-S: Golf club grip patent, US-D631541-S: Dacryocyst drainage tube patent, US-D631941-S: Lawn mower cleaner patent, US-D632143-S: Spatula patent, US-D633136-S: Tape printing machine patent, US-D633375-S: T-fastener patent, US-D633895-S: Headphone patent, US-D634671-S: Automobile patent, US-D634887-S: Lamp patent, US-D635019-S: Plug body for drink container patent, US-D635243-S: Dry powder inhaler patent, US-D636449-S: Exercise bike patent, US-D636762-S: Audio earphone device patent, US-D637546-S: Automobile tire patent, US-D638183-S: Deep leaf skimmer patent, US-D638675-S: Gardening shears patent, US-D638864-S: Ceramic cutter patent, US-D639324-S: Microscope patent, US-D639689-S: Bracelet patent, US-D640024-S: Vacuum cleaner patent, US-D640267-S: Graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof patent, US-D642492-S: Plant tray dome patent, US-D643950-S: Candle stand patent, US-D645570-S: Control panel of detector for liquid chromatograph analyzer patent, US-D647033-S: Tire for automobile patent, US-D647428-S: Automobile, toy replica and/or other replicas patent, US-D647910-S: User interface for a portion of a display screen targeted for live events or travel patent, US-D649101-S: Vehicle-wheel front face patent, US-D649129-S: DVD player patent, US-D649554-S: Graphical user interface for computer patent, US-D649933-S: Uninterruptible power supply patent, US-D650527-S: Safety razor patent, US-D651601-S: Portable information terminal unit patent, US-D651842-S: Water cooler patent, US-D652418-S: Electronic device patent, US-D653187-S: Door panel for an automobile patent, US-D653502-S: Home plate-shaped dish or plate patent, US-D653865-S: Music rocking chair patent, US-D654509-S: Tiller patent, US-D654572-S: Closure patent, US-D654604-S: Head lamp for automobile patent, US-D655106-S: Display assembly with integral roller base patent, US-D655687-S: In-vehicle and shipboard amplifier patent, US-D656539-S: Combined container and ink tanks for a printer patent, US-D656977-S: Support stand for a digital microscope patent, US-D657161-S: Cabinet for a ceramic cooker patent, US-D658444-S: Glass patent, US-D659461-S: Garlic roaster patent, US-D662414-S: Label artwork patent, US-D662754-S: Tight top mattress foundation patent, US-D663633-S: Three compartment container patent, US-D669684-S: Display case patent, US-D670198-S: Utility terrain vehicle patent, US-D671076-S: Cable connector patent, US-D671751-S: Lace fabric patent, US-D671850-S: Digital process calibrator patent, US-D671907-S: Audio component with honeycomb pattern patent, US-D672332-S: Connector patent, US-D673109-S: Tire patent, US-D674560-S: Chin guard patent, US-D674872-S: Fishing reel portion patent, US-D676432-S: Snap mobile phone case patent, US-D677026-S: Dishwasher panel patent, US-D677210-S: Boat patent, US-D677919-S: Chair patent, US-D678511-S: Rapid exchange aspiration catheter patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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